BT Airconditioning - Cairns
BT Airconditioning - Cairns
BT Airconditioning - Cairns

Project Gallery

Pelican House, Cairns Esplanade
Fully Ducted System
Linear Bar Grilles
Concealed Bulkhead Unit
Ducted Airconditioning System

Horizon Home Loans
In Ceiling Cassette Systems
Shine Lawyers
Grandview Hotel Under-ceiling Cassette unit

Bluewater Estate
35 Houses
Multi and Single Wall Mount
Split Systems
Single Split Systems
Single Split Systems

Bohemia Apartments
Bohemia - Single and Multi
Condensing Units
Cairns Share House
Cairns Share House
Single and Multi Spilt Units

Central's AFL Trinity Beach
Central's AFL
Cassette System
Stoney Creek Estate
Stage One, 70 Houses
Stoney Creek Estate
Single and Multi Split Units

Installation is neat with minimal intrusion
premium Installation involves pipe work running within wall cavity
Precise workmanship a must
BT Airconditioning

Linear bar Grille Installation provides a smooth
streamlined finish
Single and Multi Split Outdoor
Condensing Units
Concealed Bulkhead Ducted Unit
VRV outdoor condenser banks

Circular outlets
Custom made return air grilles
Custom Return air grille and sensor
Return Grille and Sensor

Jungara House Ducted units with Linear Grilles
Kitchen dual Linear Grilles
Ideal for large open areas

LaSpina job Draper Street Apartments
Metal Covering over pipework
Multi Outdoor Units
Metal Covering to pipework provides clean neat finish

Grandview Wall Mount Splits
Grandview Under ceiling Cassette units
Grandview Hotel Condensers
Concealled outdoor units

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