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BT Airconditioning provide the full spectrum of airconditioning services from unit selection to installation and service.

Brad and the team at BT Airconditioning take the time to educate you on all options available to suit the specifics of design, location, needs and aethetics. From a single room installation through to custom designed systems in award winning homes and large scale unit developement, you can be assured your system will exceed your expectations.

BT Airconditioning only use the highest quality and efficient eqipment and materials that meet or exceed all applicable Australian Standards

Contact BT airconditioning to arange an obigation free on site quotation or send us through your plan and we will be happy to contact you.

At BT Airconditioning we guarantee that you will love our friendly and efficient service.

BT Airconditioning provide a minimum 12 months warranty on all workmanship to ensure you have peace of mind. 

Heatload Calculator
Working out a correct and comprehensive "heatload" calculation can be quite indepth as there are many things to consider - Direction building faces, window size and type, if the ceiling is insulated, construction material. There is however a simple "Rule of thumb" for basic rooms which can be used to give you an idea of the size you may require -

To calculate your approximate airconditioning requirements

Room size in Sq Meters x 160 (for domestic applications) will give you Kw (kilowatts of cooling required)
Eg - room size is - 3.8m x 4.0m total = 15.2 Sq M x 160 =2.43 kW required capacity

Note - it is always better to have a Trained & qualified person to give you an accurate assessment for your Airconditioning requirements and BT Airconditioning does offer "Free Quotations in the greater Cairns area.
What are BTU's

BTU stands for British Thermal Unitsand is the imperial measurement of heat transfer.

To convert from Watts to BTU

Multiply Watts x 3.412

To convert BTU to Watts

Divide BTU ÷ 3.412

Airconditioning Installers Cairns - Air Conditioning Servicing Cairns

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